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Recent Media

Firm Foundation - Father's Day Series Firm Foundation - Father's Day

06-17-2018am - Being an Authentic Man/Person of God

Firm Foundation Pt 8 Series Firm Foundation Pt 8

06-10-2018am - Hearing from God

Firm Foundation Pt 7 Series Firm Foundation Pt 7

06-03-2018am - A Man Named Nicodemus.

Firm Foundation Reaching Broussard Series Firm Foundation Reaching Broussard

5-20-18 - Reaching Broussard - Pastor Adam's sermon on healthy…


Firm Foundation


Refocus Refresh Refine


Advent 2017

An Advent Series based on Isaiah 9:6.

Your Move Spirit-Led Decisons

A series on making wise choices led by the Spirit of God

Fruit of the Spirit

A walk through the Fruits of the Spirit and how they apply to our every day lives.

Revive us, O Lord

A series preparing us for our upcoming Revival Services.

Spiritual Gifts

A series in the Gift's of the Spirit to Christians for service

Spirit-Led Families

Our series on what it means to be a family led by the Holy Spirit.