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Pursuing Right Relationships - Growing Deeper in God's Word...Reaching Out to the World

Join us as we go through each book of the Bible. This 16 month series begins in Genesis and ends in Revelations. Pastor Moak is taking a new book each Sunday morning and revealing how God desires for us to pursue a Covenant Right Relationship with Him and one another.

Revelation - Covenant Relationship Series Revelation - Covenant Relationship

02-01-2015am - The Relationship - Re-Created & Restored

Jude - Covenant Series Jude - Covenant


2nd & 3rd John - Covenant Authenticity, Part 2 Series 2nd & 3rd John - Covenant Authenticity, Part 2

01-18-2015 - Authentic Faith Requires Knowing the Truth, Walking in Truth,…

1 John - Covenant Authenticity, Part 1 Series 1 John - Covenant Authenticity, Part 1

01-11-2015 - Authentic Faith Requires Right Belief and Right Behavior

2 Peter - Covenant Privilege Part 2 Series 2 Peter - Covenant Privilege Part 2

01-04-2015 - Privilege Brings Responsibility

1 Peter - Covenant Privilege Part 1 Series 1 Peter - Covenant Privilege Part 1

12-28-2014 - Recognizing the Privilege of a Right Relationship with God

Christmas Message 2 Dec 21 2014 am Series Christmas Message 2 Dec 21 2014 am

Christmas Acrostic and The Gifts of the Wisemen

Christmas Message 1 Dec 14 2014 Series Christmas Message 1 Dec 14 2014

The World Needs a 'Stable' Influence

James - Covenant Maturity Series James - Covenant Maturity

12-07-2014 - Faith Works, Faith Walks

Hebrews - Covenant Superiority Series Hebrews - Covenant Superiority

11-30-2014 - Pilgrims Should Progress, Not Regress

Philemon - Covenant Care Series Philemon - Covenant Care

11-23-2014 Evening Service - Show Care - Offer Forgiveness
No Audio

Titus -Covenant ThanksLiving Series Titus -Covenant ThanksLiving

11-23-2014 Morning Service- Life with a capital “L”. ThanksLiving

2 Timothy - Covenant Example Series 2 Timothy - Covenant Example

11-16-2014 - Be an example in desire, diligence, dedication and discipline.

1 Timothy - Covenant Influence Series 1 Timothy - Covenant Influence

11-02-2014 - Be a positive influence for Christ

2 Thessalonians - Covenant Challenge Series 2 Thessalonians - Covenant Challenge

10-26-2014 -Take the Challenge...Stand Firm, Live Worthy

1 Thessalonians - Covenant Encouragement Series 1 Thessalonians - Covenant Encouragement

10-19-2014 - Walk Holy, Be Encouraged, Abound in Love, Hope in Christ's…

Colossians - Covenant Focus Series Colossians - Covenant Focus

10-12-2014 - Keep your focus on Christ

Philippians - Covenant Joy Series Philippians - Covenant Joy

10-05-14 - Joy in Serving God
There's joy in a relationship with Jesus

Ephesians - Covenant Unity Series Ephesians - Covenant Unity

09-28-14. Unity in Calling - What We Should Know; and Unity in Conduct…

Galatians - Covenant Freedom Series Galatians - Covenant Freedom

09-21-14. Free to Love, Free to Serve. No Audio.

2 Corinthians - Covenant Comfort Series 2 Corinthians - Covenant Comfort

09-14-14. Receive comfort and share comfort in difficult times. No Audio

1 Corinthians - Covenant Instructions Series 1 Corinthians - Covenant Instructions

09-07-14 Vital Instructions for Living & Loving God and One Another

Romans - Covenant Rightness Series Romans - Covenant Rightness

08-31-14 Right Relationships Require Right Living

Acts - Covenant Empowerment Series Acts - Covenant Empowerment

08-24-14 God Initiates, We Respond; God Leads, We Follow; God Empowers,…

John - Covenant Confidence Series John - Covenant Confidence

08-10-14 God desires for us to live confidently in a troubled world by…

Luke - Covenant Communion Series Luke - Covenant Communion

08-03-14 Covenant Communion is God's desire for us.

Mark - Covenant Activity Series Mark - Covenant Activity

07-27-14 A Right Relationship with God requires faithful service and loving…

Matthew - Covenant Priority Series Matthew - Covenant Priority

07-20-14 A right relationship requires that we deny ourselves, take up…

New Testament Overview Series New Testament Overview

07-13-14 Summary of covenant relationship principles from the New Testament

Malachi - Covenant Confrontation Series Malachi - Covenant Confrontation

07-06-14 Dispel your Disappointment and Discover the Joy of a Right Relationship…

Zechariah - Covenant Power Series Zechariah - Covenant Power

06-29-14 "Not by might, nor by power, but by My Spirit, says the Lord of…

Haggai - Covenant Exhortations Series Haggai - Covenant Exhortations

06-22-14 NO AUDIO Don’t Quit It’s Time To Be Strong, Consider Your Ways,…

Zephaniah - Covenant Action Series Zephaniah - Covenant Action

06-15-14 Act in Disobedience and receive God’s judgment! Act in Obedience…

Habakkuk - Covenant Dialogue Series Habakkuk - Covenant Dialogue

06-08-14 Talk to God, Listen to God, Trust in God

Nahum - Covenant Judgment Series Nahum - Covenant Judgment

06-01-14 Human wickedness provokes Divine Judgment

Micah - Covenant Requirements Series Micah - Covenant Requirements

05-25-14 Act justly, love mercy, and walk humbly with your God

Jonah - Covenant Messenger Series Jonah - Covenant Messenger

05-18-14 Don't be hardheaded, listen and obey God from the start.

Obadiah - Covenant Vindication Series Obadiah - Covenant Vindication

05-11-14 God is at work in the world, bringing vindication and judgment

Amos - Covenant Preparedness Series Amos - Covenant Preparedness

05-04-14 NO AUDIO Prepare, get ready to meet with God, for the Day of…

Joel - Covenant Choices Series Joel - Covenant Choices

04-27-14 How We Respond to the Word of the Lord Concerning The Day of the…

Hosea - Covenant Love Series Hosea - Covenant Love

04-06-14 A picture of the unconditional, Covenant Love of God for His people.

Daniel - Covenant Protection Series Daniel - Covenant Protection

03-30-14 Choose Godly Character Over Worldly Conformity,
Determine to Serve…

Ezekiel - Covenant Visions Series Ezekiel - Covenant Visions

03-23-14 Judgment of God for Sin, The Sovereignty and Holiness of God,…

Lamentations - Covenant Consequences Series Lamentations - Covenant Consequences


Jeremiah - Covenant Declarations Series Jeremiah - Covenant Declarations

03-09-14 We must listen, obey and share the Word of the Lord.

Isaiah - Covenant Salvation Series Isaiah - Covenant Salvation

03-02-14 God is a Holy God that must punish sin, but He is a Loving God…

Song of Solomon - Covenant Passion Series Song of Solomon - Covenant Passion

02-16-14 NO AUDIO Pursuing A Proper Perspective & God’s Perfect Plan for…

Ecclesiastes - Covenant Priorities Series Ecclesiastes - Covenant Priorities

02-23-14 NO AUDIO Proper Perspectives on the Priorities of Life

Proverbs - Covenant Wisdom Series Proverbs - Covenant Wisdom

02-09-14 NO AUDIO Practical Guidance for Right & Wise Relationships

Psalms - Covenant Praise Series Psalms - Covenant Praise

01-29-14 Praise and worship are the core activities of one in a Right Relationship…

Job - Covenant Victory Series Job - Covenant Victory

01-19-14 NO AUDIO Overcomer’s Guide To Being a Victor, Not a Victim

Esther - Covenant Providence Series Esther - Covenant Providence

01-12-14 God is in Control so Have Faith, Be Courageous, Take Action,

Nehemiah - Covenant Rebuilding Series Nehemiah - Covenant Rebuilding

01-05-14 Rebuilding & Reviving a Right Relationship With God

Ezra - Covenant Restoration Series Ezra - Covenant Restoration

12-29-13 Seeking and Restoring the Blessings of God

2 Chronicles - Covenant Commitment Series 2 Chronicles - Covenant Commitment

12-08-13 Commit to Resolve: Be Totally His

1 Chronicles - Covenant Heritage Series 1 Chronicles - Covenant Heritage

12-01-13 Renew: Give Thanks, Worship God, Proclaim His Salvation

2 Kings - Covenant Deterioration Series 2 Kings - Covenant Deterioration

11-24-13 Biblical Guidelines to Restoring a Right Relationship
With God…

1 Kings - Covenant Contamination Series 1 Kings - Covenant Contamination

11-17-13 Avoiding the Corrosion, Corruption and Contamination of Sin

2 Samuel - Covenant Conflicts Series 2 Samuel - Covenant Conflicts

11-10-13 Dealing with Conflicts According to God’s Guidelines

1 Samuel - Covenant Transitions Series 1 Samuel - Covenant Transitions

11-3-13 Adjust to God Thru Faithful Obedience

Ruth - Covenant Compassion Series Ruth - Covenant Compassion

10-27-13 Don’t Turn Back, Follow is Faithful Obedience

Judges - Covenant Inconsistency Series Judges - Covenant Inconsistency

10-20-13 Broken Promises Lead to Broken Relationships

Joshua - Covenant Possession Series Joshua - Covenant Possession

10-13-13 Covenant Possession Requires Faithful Obedience

Deuteronomy - Covenant Conditions Series Deuteronomy - Covenant Conditions

10-6-13 - NO AUDIO - Covenant possession requires faithful obedience

Numbers - Covenant Obedience Series Numbers - Covenant Obedience

9-29-13 Studying the importance of faithful obedience. Obedience matters…

Leviticus - Covenant Holiness Series Leviticus - Covenant Holiness

9-22-13 A Biblical portrait of holiness for everyday living. Get right…

Exodus - Covenant Reconciliation Series Exodus - Covenant Reconciliation

9-15-13 We are set free – so live well

Genesis - Covenant Relationship Series Genesis - Covenant Relationship

9-8-13 In the beginning we were created for a relationship with God, but…