FBC Broussard Ministries

Below you can find out about some of the ministries we have here at FBC Broussard.  A relationship with Christ involves more than just being here on Sunday mornings.  As believers we are the Body of Christ and are called to be involved in the world around us for His sake.

Whether you are a member or have been checking us out for a while we encourage everyone connect with FBC Broussard to find a place to get involved.  

We have two main ways to serve here at FBC Broussard:  

Our Committees are designed to handle the needs of the church, its ministries and personnel.  Any church member may apply to serve on a committee.  

Our Ministry Teams are more service oriented and help our ministries get the work done in our church and in our community.  Anyone connected to the church may serve on a ministry team.  

This includes church members as well as non-members who have been checking us out and may be interested in joining our church family.

Check out some of our ministries below and if you are interested in one let us know on a Sunday morning or you can contact the church office and we can get you in touch with the ministry leader!


Ministry Teams

  • Benevolence Ministry Team

    The Benevolence Ministry at FBC Broussard is one of our main community outreach ministries.  It exists to provide assistance to those in the community who are in need of resources like food and clothing from our Benevolence Pantry.   Each person from the community is provided for as well as we can and then prayed over before leaving.  This is a powerful ministry that takes a compassionate but discerning heart.  

    This ministry succeeds from the many donations our church members provide.  If you feel like donating food/finances or if you just want to learn more about being involved in this ministry please let us know!

  • Children and/or Pre-K Ministry Teams

    An old African proverb states, "It takes a village to raise a child."  We see this encouraged throughout Scripture as the Bible encourages adults to feed back into those who are younger.  The children's ministry here at FBC Broussard is always in need of volunteers to help with our Extended Service sessions, helping out at events, teaching, or just helping teachers with their classes.  The most rewarding thing you could ever do is see a child grow in their love for Christ!

    Contact us if you can help out.  We try to make it as easy as possible for our volunteers by doing a lot of the work ahead of time so you can walk into the class or group of kids and model Christ for them.

  • IT (Information Technology) Ministry Team

    Like any other group we have technology needs throughout the church.  Have some experience installing routers or access points?  Or maybe helping keeping computer software up to date is more your thing?  Or you've seen our digital sign out front and want to help with the messaging?  If you love technology and all that can be done with it we can find a place for you here.  

  • Men's Ministry Team

    About once a quarter our men gather together.  We have meals with a devotion time, or we meet for service projects around the church and community or even just to go fishing.  Either way we enjoy spending time together and encourage you to be a part of it too.  

    Do you like to cook or have a passion for seeing men grow together?  We are always interested in new ideas for activities and new meals!  Reach out to us if you can help out. 

  • Ordinances Ministry Team

    Baptism and the Lord's Supper are our two main ordinances we celebrate here at FBC Broussard.  The ordinance ministry team helps to prepare individuals for baptisms as well as setting up the elements of the Lord's Supper before service on those Sundays we celebrate it.

  • prayer ministry team

    FBC Broussard firmly believes in the power of prayer.  We have two prayer ministries.  The first is our Wednesday night prayer meeting.  Every Wednesday our church members meet to pray together over the needs of our church, community, and nation.  To participate you just need to show up.  

    Our second prayer ministry is our Prayer Chain.  This ministry is essential in emergency prayer situations when timing is critical.  The group leader will receive the request and immediately pass it along the chain to the next person who in turn immediately passes it to the next person and so on.  This group is committed to praying at any time and will pray earnestly for the need.  This ministry takes a real commitment to prayer and a high level of dependability.  If interested please contact us so we can discuss this with you. 

  • property and grounds Ministry team

    The Property and Grounds Ministry helps with the upkeep of the church facilities.  This may be something simple as changing a light bulb or as difficult as replacing electrical outlets and everything in between.

    Helping with Property and Grounds benefits from people of all skill levels.  Come and be part of the team!

  • Security Ministry Team

    The Security ministry team is responsible for the overall safety of the facilities and the individuals who gather here throughout the week.  If you have a background in military or as a first responder this could be the ministry for you.  Let us know if you're interested and we can tell you more about it.

  • Senior Adult Ministry Team

    Our senior adult ministry works with our senior adults here at the church.  This team provides activities and fellowship opportunities as well as service opportunities for our senior members.

  • Student Ministry Team

    Student ministry works with students from 6th grade to 12th grade.  Our leaders pour into our students and help out by providing rides, food for events, general leadership and spiritual guidance during activities.  Some help teach and lead groups and others just hangout and talk with them on Wednesday nights.  We have a lot of fun and see a lot of spiritual growth.  So let us know if you love seeing young people grow in their walk with Christ.

  • welcome ministry Team

    Each Sunday morning our Welcome Ministry makes it a point to greet people at the doors of the church and provide information for new visitors.  Our desire is to expand this ministry to cover more areas and reach out better.

    This ministry doesn't require a lot of time, just someone who can be faithful to come on Sunday mornings and greet people.  If this is you let us know!

  • CafE Ministry Team

    Cafe Missions is the name of our coffee ministry as well as the focus of this ministry.  Our sales go back into missions in various forms around the church.  We have supported those going on mission trips, the benevolence ministry which provides food to the needy in our community, as well as missionaries and ministries that have visited our church.  

    Missions Baristas serve coffee every Sunday morning around our small group time and worship service.  If coffee and creating a comfortable environment to sit and talk with others on Sunday morning is a passion of your this may be your ministry.

  • Women's Ministry Team

    The Women's Ministry Team serves in a variety of ways.  They help with meal prep for our potluck dinners, for visiting ministers and groups, and funerals.  They maintain our interior decoration and participate in work days.  It's not all work though.  They meet for luncheons and coffees, have painting events and other fun activities as well.

    Whether you can cook or just serve meals to others they are always looking for a helping hand.  

  • Worship Ministry team

    The ministry of worship allows us to celebrate all that God has done for us.  Through prayer, tithing, singing, or studying His Word we rejoice over His sacrifice and blessings that He constantly provides.  Our Sunday morning worship ministry team takes on the task of ushering the congregation into God's presence each Sunday.  Our style is mainly a blended worship.  This team needs those who have a talent for singing, playing an instrument, or enjoy technology and soundboards.


  • Personnel Committee - oversees the staff needs of the church and its ministries.
  • Nominating Committee - works with church body to recommend members for leadership roles.
  • Committee on Committees - works with church body to fill committee positions.
  • Missions Committee - oversees the mission the various efforts of the church.
  • Long Range Planning Committee - recommends future plans of ministering in Broussard.
  • Constitution and Bylaws Committee - oversees the church constitution and its bylaws.
  • Counting Committee - responsible for the weekly tithes and deposits.
  • Finance Committee - handles the administration of finances for the church and its ministries.