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Developing Spiritual Maturity
Are you a new Christian asking, "What next?"  Or maybe you have been one for a while but are looking to revitalize your spiritual life?
Below are a few things to start with!
Examine Who You Spend Time With...
Nothing can help you grow quicker than spending time with other believers.  Especially those who already have a deep relationship with Him.
Make sure you are involved in a local church, and a small group Bible study.
Develop a Daily Quiet Time...
Start off spending 15-30 minutes each day in prayer and reading your Bible.
(during lunch, when you wake up in the morning, before bed, during work breaks)  Eventually you want to develop a consistent time with God each day.  And you want to spend as much time with Him as possible.
A Few Online Bibles (click on link to access):
Change the Music you listen to...
Air1 on the internet or 89.5 on the radio
KAJN on the internet or 102.9 on the radio
K-Love on the internet or 90.9 on the radio
Change the Television and Movies you watch...
Change the Books you read...