Mother's Day Out


The Mother's Day Out program at FBC Broussard was created as a ministry to pre-schoolers

 and their parents within the church and the community.  Through this program, stay-at-home

mothers have the opportunity to take care of household responsiblities, go to appointments,

enjoy coffee or lunch with friends, or just relax with a little "down time".  


Meanwhile, the child has the opportunity to interact with other children of the same age in a

setting designed to meet his/her needs spiritually, physically, emotionally and mentally.

Our goal is to teach every child to love God and others.


We are blessed that you are interested in our program or may have already chosen to participate

in our program.  We will strive to meet every expectation that you may have. We have carefully

chosen our staff who will provide your child with the utmost of care and love in your absence.

Feel free to contact the director at any time to express any concerns that you may have.


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